Dr. Emmaline Lorenzo

Dr. Emmaline Lorenzo
  • Postdoc
  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Northwestern University
  • B.S. Chemistry, University of Kansas (with Honors)

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Emmaline received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from KU, where she did research in the Elles group and successfully defended an Honors Thesis entitled: A Spectroscopic Study of the Uncaging Reaction of para-Hydroxyphenacyl Derivatives Under Neutral and Basic Conditions. In addition to her undergraduate work at KU, Emmaline spent one summer as an NSF REU student with Prof. Josh Vura-Weis at the University of Illinois and a second summer doing research at Dublin City University (Ireland). She was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in 2018 and attended graduate school at Northwestern University, where she earned a Ph.D. working in the group of Prof. Mike Wasielewski. In 2024, Emmaline returned to KU to work as a postdoc in the Elles group. Her current research uses femtosecond stimulated resonance Raman spectroscopy (resonance-FSRS) to study molecules in highly electronically excited states. 


B.S. in Chemistry (with Honors), University of Kansas, 2018
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Northwestern University, 2023

Awards & Honors

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2018)