Elles Group Photo - July 2016
Back: Chris Otolski, Chris Elles,
David Stierwalt Matt Barclay, Brooks Hidaka

Front: Sadegh Mahvidi, Tim Quincy, Kristen Burns, Whitney Harmon, Emmaline Lorenzo

(May 2017)


The Elles Research Group

We are an experimental group studying the dynamics of chemical reactions in solution.
Please explore this site to learn more about us and our experiments.

Elles Group Highlights
  • Emmaline earns a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for graduate school. Way to go, Emmaline!
  • The group is awarded beam time for time-resolved x-ray absorption studies at the Advanced Photon Source. 
  • New graduate students Dan Johnson and Prasenjit Srivastava join the group! Welcome, Dan and PJ!
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Funding Sources