James Blakemore, Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas

Marco Caricato, Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas

Viktor Chikan, Department of Chemistry, Kansas State University

Gilles Doumy, Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Rich Givens, Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas

Anna Krylov, Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California

Anne Marie March, Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Spiridoula Matsika, Department of Chemistry, Temple University

V. Ramamurthy, Department of Chemistry, University of Miami

Tullio Scopigno, Department of Physics, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

Spectra Group Limited, Inc., Millbury, OH

Elles Group Highlights
  • A paper involving our collaboration with the Boskovic group is published in JOC (a new journal for this group!).
  • Visiting student Jamie Somers joins the group from Dublin City University for summer research. Welcome!
  • Our group is awarded beam time for ultrafast x-ray experiments at the LCLS in August.
  • Kristen wins the Takeru and Aya Higuchi Graduate Scholarship in Physical Chemistry. Great work, Kristen!
  • PJ wins the Cornelius McCollum Scholarship. Nice work, PJ!
  • Jessica and Rob earn departmental awards, great job!
  • Jessica presents a research poster for the Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Symposium.
  • Jessica Bair will attend graduate school at Chalmers University in Sweden. Good luck, Jessica!
  • Rob Castaneda will attend graduate school at the Univeristy of North Carolina. Good luck, Rob!
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