Ultrafast Spectroscopy in the Elles Group

Chemical reactions are all about making, breaking, and rearranging bonds. That process is relatively straight-forward if you consider only the reactants and products, but what happens during the reaction? In the Elles Group, we seek to answer this question at the molecular scale by studying the dynamics of solution-phase chemical reactions.

Our primary tool is a state-of-the-art ultrafast laser that delivers extremely short ( <35 fs) pulses of light. The laser pulses allow us to watch chemical reactions unfold on the timescale of atomic motion via time-resolved spectroscopy. 

In the simplest case, called pump-probe, one laser pulse excites the sample, then a second, time-delayed probe pulse records changes in the absorption spectrum as the 

Laser Work

system evolves. This transient absorption signal monitorsthe evolution of molecules along the reaction coordinate. 

Ultimately, we can even use what we learn about the reaction dynamics to selectively control the outcome of a chemical reaction!



Elles Group Highlights
  • Ian McBride is awarded an NIH-funded Chemical Biology Training Grant!
  • Julia Goeks (Ripon College) joins the group as a summer REU student. Welcome aboard!
  • Kristen is awarded a Paquette Scholarship, and Jess wins a Mitchell Scholarship. Congrats!
  • Dan completes his oral exam. Good work, Dan!
  • First-year graduate students Ian McBride and Daniel Noe will be joining the group. Welcome aboard, Daniel and Ian!
  • PJ completes his oral exam. Nice work, PJ!
  • Former REU student Tyler Tommey (Summer 2011) recently completed his Ph.D. in polymer science at the University of Akron. Congrats, Tyler!
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