Tim Quincy,  Cassie Ward, Dr. Chris Elles, Jenna Wasylenko, Amanda Houk, Samantha Allen


The Elles Research Group

We are an experimental group studying the dynamics of chemical reactions in solution.
Please explore this site to learn more about us and our experiments.

Elles Group News Highlights
  • Cassie moves to UNC-Chapel Hill to begin her postdoc with Gerald Meyer. 
  • Welcome to Darien Morrow, a summer REU student from Missouri Western State University who will be working with us this summer.
  • Cassie successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis: "Controlling the cycloreversion reaction of a diarylthene derivative using sequential two-photon excitation." She was awarded the distinction of Honors Pass. Excellent work, Cassie! (May 16, 2014)

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