Amanda Houk,
Tim Quincy, Emmaline Lorenzo, Chris Otolski, Chris Elles, Matt Barclay, Ryan Hamelin, Jung Moon Suh (July 2015)


The Elles Research Group

We are an experimental group studying the dynamics of chemical reactions in solution.
Please explore this site to learn more about us and our experiments.

Elles Group Highlights
  • Chris received the student-nominated J. Michael Young Academic Advisor Award. 
  • Emmaline won two awards for her poster presentation at the KU Undergraduate Research Symposium, an Outstanding Presentation Award and a second place award for the Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Competition. 
  • Visiting student Sadegh Mahvidi arrived at KU. He will study the excited-state properties of several photochromic compounds that he synthesized.

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Funding Sources