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Elles Group Highlights
  • Kristen successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Great job, Kristen, and good luck in your new position!
  • A Feature Article (and cover!) highlighting our work with collaborators V. Ramamurthy and Pratik Sen is published in JPC-A.
  • Kristen has accepted a job teaching chemistry at Western Michigan University beginning Fall 2022.
  • Kristen and PJ present their research at CMDS 2022 in Austin, Texas.
  • A paper involving our collaboration with the Boskovic group is published in JOC (a new journal for this group!).
  • Visiting student Jamie Somers joins the group from Dublin City University for summer research. Welcome!
  • Jessica Bair will attend graduate school at Chalmers University in Sweden. Good luck, Jessica!
  • Rob Castaneda will attend graduate school at the Univeristy of North Carolina. Good luck, Rob!
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